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Work Order Day

A typical day at the Clubhouse mimics the schedule and structure of a day at a business schedule. Each member’s day is unique since it is driven by their recovery goals.

  • Breakfast & Morning Meeting
    Clubhouse members can arrive in the morning to eat breakfast together. They then “clock-in” and conduct a morning meeting where members decide what "units" they'll go to for their daily work tasks. In unit meetings, members select their tasks for the day.

  • Kitchen Unit
    In the Kitchen Unit Clubhouse members run a spacious kitchen. Tasks include writing a weekly menu, cooking nutritious meals, and preparing orders for delivered lunches to a nearby office. Members also operate a point of sale cash register system at the in-house "Snack" Shack.

  • Clerical Unit
    In the Clerical Unit Clubhouse members participate in office work to help the Clubhouse operate. Members work as receptionists, help with bill pay and budgeting, work on job searching, and conduct office filing and maintenance.

  • Lunch & Cleanup
    After completing their selected tasks, members take a break for lunch. Everyone, including staff, takes part in cleaning up the Clubhouse.

  • Afternoon/Evening Activity
    Clubhouse staff provide an afternoon activity, workshop, or event. Typically, the activity will help members learn skills such as socialization, everyday living skills, seeking employment, and more. Members may also play games, do crafts, or spend time in the outdoor garden.


“We do fun activities like dancing, going for walks, and sometimes we even do Karaoke.”

- David S.

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