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Meet David

David has been a member at our Clubhouse since 2012 and has accomplished many things in his time here. When he first started attending he was quiet, shy, and unfamiliar with various resources in the community. Over time, David became more confident in himself and the things he learned he can do independently at the Clubhouse. He also made a lot of good friends, which he says is his favorite thing about the Clubhouse community. A few of David’s achievements include: moving out of his parents’ house, learning how to use the public bus, and getting involved in extracurricular activities in the local community.

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Meet Brenda

Brenda has been a longtime member at our Clubhouse and is a natural leader. She is fondly known as the mom of our Clubhouse; always cooking, cleaning, and makes a point to talk to everyone who walks through the doors. Brenda has accomplished success across several jobs she’s held in the past, including a couple TEPs within our Clubhouse employment program.


Meet Deanna

Deanna is easily our most frequent flier at our Clubhouse. She has been a member since 2015 and is proud to share that she has been able to maintain independent living for 5 years now! Deanna enjoys working on tasks in both the clerical and kitchen units- her most favorite task is making reach out calls. She continues to work on her goal of being an active mental health advocate and never misses an opportunity to share her recovery story with people.


Meet Kenneth

Kenneth has been a member of our Clubhouse since 2016. When he first came to the Clubhouse, Kenneth was shy and hesitant to engage in conversations with others. Today, Kenneth can be found frequently joking around with his peers and stepping up to take on several cleaning tasks throughout the day. He also regularly attends our social outings! 


Meet Tammy Sue

Clubhouse Member Tammy Sue said, "This afternoon I was walking from Weis this afternoon and I saw a Lilly head on the ground of the parking lot. While walking back this little poem (I guess) you could say was bouncing in my head. We are all like flowers. Yes, water is important with vitamins but we need sunshine from our families and friends to keep 'growing' to reach the potential we are meant to be. Never FORGET that...ever!"


Dear Delicate Little Lily,

Once full of Color and Pride.

Petals were full of Strength and Vigor.

Stems tall and green.

The world admires you.....Life is grand it will never end.

Even the Bumble Bees admire you.

The season seems to go on and on.

Then out of nowhere, things change without notice.

The Color and Pride is yesterday's news.

Your strength and vigor are gone for now.

Stems are short and brown.

The world that admired you now discards you without a passing thought.

Bumblebees fly on to the next flower as though it did not matter.

The season ends sadly.


Tammy Sue

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